Ed Sheeran



Right. Here I am, sat here blogging to Ed Sheeran’s new album, ‘X’ (multiply). It’s good. Really good. Though, so far, it’s got nothing on ‘+’. It’s an excellent follow-up, but that album was literally incredible, I love it so much. ‘X’ is definitely worth a listen, there are some really fab tunes. The only thing it’s lacking is a collab. He’s done some great stuff with Taylor Swift (their voices compliment each other perfectly) and I really think he should put some on his album’s. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think he has ever done a collaboration with another artist and then added it to his track list. I thought there was some kind of unspoken agreement in the music world that each collab you do, you do another one for the other persons album, kind of like with youtubers. Anyway, apart from a collab it has everything – rap (‘Take it back’, ‘Don’t’); sad songs (‘Nina’, ‘Bloodstream’); happy songs (‘Thinking out loud’), and, typical Ed Sheeran, some deep, personal songs (‘Afire love’). As a big Ed Sheeran fan, I really like that he released a new song everyday for the week leading up to the album release. It kept us satiated in our anticipation. A lot of people don’t like Ed Sheeran, and I can see why. His music can sound boring unless you know it, and then it’s incredible, hence this album is growing on me every time I listen to it. He also sings mainly sad songs. He said himself that the only truly happy song on ‘X’ is ‘Thinking out loud’. He sings about things he knows about, and it’s all personal, all true and stuff he can really sing genuinely about. Personally, I think he’s great.
On a completely different note, I know I am awful at blogging right now, but hopeful I will improve. I also know that I have no followers, so it may seem rather pointless to do this blog, but everyone starts somewhere, and I’m starting here. This blog’s main purpose is personal, anything else is an extra perk 🙂