Exams and Summer


So, I know nobody reads this but I’m going to keep it going as a fancy diary. I’m going to stop my fad of ‘advertising’ and asking for requests etc. but I’m going to try and write about my summer and basically write about anything in an attempt to improve my writing.
My exams finish the day after tomorrow and I am excited and apprehensive. I cannot wait until I no longer have to revise and have nothing on my mind to make me feel guilty about doing silly things in procrastination (like blogging to nobody) but at the same time I worry about how empty the next couple of weeks will be. I have applied for two part time jobs and I am going to redecorate my room so I should have plenty to do. Not to dwell on it, but overall the exams went well. Just have to wait for results…..
I’m also going to try and do a monthly favorites blog post. Again, not because I think anyone will read it but just because it will be interesting to look back on in the future.
For now I have more procrastination to do, which I will inevitably blog about for no reason.