Someone Else’s Fairytale – E.M Tippetts



The other day, I was talking about summer jobs with my friend, and I mentioned my desire to work in a bookshop. At this she replied: “Yeah, but to do that you need to be an expert in all books, not just crappy dystopian fiction and YA fluff.” I am ashamed to admit that I did laugh, as this is completely true. I love dystopias and a bit of (admittedly crappy) romantic fluff, and this is the best way to sum up ‘Someone Else’s Fairytale’. It’s chick lit written by ‘E.M Tippetts ( It’s written from the first person perspective of Chloe Winters, an average college student with family problems and a guy best friend. At a movie shoot where she is coerced into being an extra by her roommate, she meets Jason Vanderholt, the A-list lead actor in the play. He’s local to the area, and he recognises her from her similarities to her relatives, whom he knew well – tacky and unbelievable, I know. Then follows many more encounters and a relatively good story. The book is set in Albuquerque, NM, but there are also inevitable visits to LA, family homes and other exciting settings. The reason I bought this book was because I had just finished reading an excellent dystopian YA novel that had thrilling romantic tension between someone of a high status to someone of a low status, but nothing happened between them, and there wasn’t a sequel. I was left wanting to read more about a couple like this, so I did some research and downloaded a few samples onto my kindle. After reading them all, I bought the one I liked the most. It was dead cheap – £1.99 –  and it left me wanting more, so I bought the sequel (not nearly as good unfortunately). I loved it, it was exactly what I was looking for – a happy-go-lucky, uncomplicated romance. It was a Sophie Kinsella kind of book and I really enjoyed it. I thought Jason and Chloe made an excellent couple and I loved the crime/mystery twist incorporated into the story, as well as the intervention of family members throughout the novel. If you’re looking for an easy summer read with deeper themes intertwined, then go for this.
I’m going to try and do reviews like this for every book I read over the Summer, so keep a look out – there’s more to come!


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