The Fault in Our Stars Movie – SPOILERS!



So, about two years ago, I read TFiOS and loved it. Cried my eyes out, but absolutely loved it, well done John Green. I read it again last weekend in anticipation for the film’s release on Thursday and, somehow, I loved it even more and cried even more. It was a completely different experience reading it for the second time, knowing what was going to happen. It was way sadder 😦 I was excited about the movie having seen Shailene and Ansel in Divergent (wasn’t so keen on the film – review to come – but loved their acting) and I wasn’t expecting to be disappointed. I booked my cinema tickets for opening night and, after being moved from our seats twice, finally settled to watch the film. I loved it. I though it was so incredible and it was one of those rare, very special movies which captures the essence of the narrative perfectly, embodies the intricate characters flawlessly. I was crying for the majority of the film, again made sadder by knowing the outcome. Shailene Woodley was impeccable. She just ‘was’ Hazel. She looked perfect, moved perfectly, spoke perfectly, she just had ‘it’. Ansel Elgort was equally as talented, making Gus’ character as incredible as it is on the page. His descent into illness was done incredibly accurately (and sadly) and the script-writers stuck to the book very well, keeping much of the dialogue the same. The only thing I missed was Gus’ sisters visiting him when he was ill, and Gus’ Dad realising how lucky they were to have Hazel. Another thing I noticed was the acting of Mrs Lancaster, Laura Dern. It was fantastic. She really demonstrated how horrible it was for her, but how she remained strong. She was the one who reduced me to tears first. “The only thing worse from biting it at cancer, was having a kid bite it from cancer.” Makes me want to cry again just recounting the experience. 
All in all it was an excellent movie, so book your tickets ASAP!


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